More blog changes

I’ve been slowly making changes to the blog and our website over the last few months.  While many of these changes haven’t been visible on the surface, there has been a lot updated behind the scenes.  The following have been implemented so far:

1) Transferred domain registration from to
– The server was going down quite regularly, which meant that my url forwarding for,, and would also go down.  Many people use RSS readers to these urls in order to receive the posts here and would lose the feed each time the server went offline.
– The transfer to is complete and so far I’ve been very impressed with their services.

2) Integrated XBox Live! gamertag.
– Not a big change, but I wanted to include my gamertag as a part of the site.

3) Integrated with Google Analytics.
– Google Analytics provide a whole host of information about who/where your subscribers and readers are.   I had this set up on my old blog and sites, but just never got around to configuring it after the move to SubText.  This has now been corrected.

4) Post names updated to be friendly.
– Previously, the hard links to posts on this blog were numbered.  i.e. the url would end in 142.aspx.  This wasn’t working well for link history or search aggregation.  Now the title of the post is used as the page name, so this post should end with more_blog_changes.aspx.   Much better, and far more meaningful.

6) Minor options updates.
– I configured comments for Capcha and simplified the commenting process.  This was to encourage more feedback as well as to provide more protection from spam.

That’s it for now.  More changes (visible) to follow.

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