I’ve been told that I shouldn’t be drinking soda every day because it strips the calcium from your bones.  However, I still find myself wanting a soda from time to time.  In the last few months I’ve stopped eating after 7:00pm at night (except where unavoidable, i.e. certain social occasions), avoided eating heavier foods such as burritos, burgers, pizza etc…  Meaghan and I have cut back on candies and chocolate and I’ve lowered by beer intake from several pints a week to perhaps a pint a week and the occassional glass of wine.  The soda is my basic unit of focus at work and while I don’t suck down two or three cans a day, I do like to have at least one caffeinated beverage after lunch to avoid a complete afternoon crash.  I tried drinking coffee again but it just gives me the jitters and I’m not a huge fan of the taste.  Black coffee is the closest to drinkable that I’ve found as I can’t stand the sweetener taste and milk or cream are just foul creations.  However, even the black coffee leaves that unmistakable taste of coffee in my mouth.  I like Mountain Dew.  It’s a superb drink that not only props your brain up on speed but also tastes hella awesome too.  I’m all for following doctor’s orders on a ton of things and I generally try to avoid any of the habits or indulgences that cause premature malthealth or death.  However, I’m finding it really hard to reconcile on this one. I had given up any kind of caffeinated beverage for over eighteen months.  Unfortunately, during that time I found that I was frequently tired and unable to focus, especially working in technology where the need for thought spikes and deep concentration comes around all too often.  I’m thinking of adopting The Donald’s approach of simply choosing when and when not to adhere to the rules.  His poison of choice is Diet Coke, which I’m fairly partial to also.  For me though, you just can’t beat the jolt of a Mountain Dew at around 1:30 in the afternoon.  It’s sugary caffeinated goodness that I don’t know I’m willing to give up on just yet. and so the eternal struggle continues….

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