$5M for streetcar extension plans?

I wouldn’t usually get involved in local politics, but this story caused me to raise an eyebrow:


We’re spending $5M on the plans for a streetcar extension that may or may not get funded?  Granted that I really have no concept of how much civil engineering projects cost but that seems like a hell of a lot of money to spend on something that might happen.  It makes me wonder how many other projects have been researched and then dumped without any final product.  Is this really the best use of our limited funds?

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One Response to $5M for streetcar extension plans?

  1. adron says:

    Dude, if you think $5 million is bad you should watch more closely. The amount of money our current Government mechanisms blow is INSANE. Check out my http://www.transitsleuth.com blog to read more about it. I specifically have some entries about the absurdities of how much Portland managed to spend on the existing streetcar. So far $120 Million. Yearly operations are about $2-3 million. Between the unions and TriMet, joined with Metro and the City of Portland, the citizenry of Portland have been getting ripped off on transit for over 50 years, even though our system is great by current American standards.

    But I digress, feel free to take a read and you’ll see what I mean. I love transit, I hate the noose of the automobile, but our modern day options are expensive, inefficient, and frustrating.

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