England here we come – almost…

As the date for our departure approaches, Meaghan and I are going through our final checklists for preparedness.  Our passports have been renewed and checked, our luggage has been retrieved from storage, and the flight information has been checked and then double checked.  I need to call Oregon Town Car and get our driver booked. Other than that the major tasks have all been completed.

I’m still trying to decide whether or not to get a spare battery pack for my video camera.  My other option is to get a converter kit so that I can charge the existing battery pack over there.  It will probably come down to which option is cheaper, however with the extra battery pack I can make use of that over here after we return whereas the converter would only be used again on a subsequent trip overseas.

St Georges (Doncaster)

I’m really excited not only to take a vacation but also to see my family and spend a few days in England.  It will be nice to see where I grew up and relive some of those memories.  I was talking with a friend yesterday about how I didn’t originally realize the finality of my decision to move abroad when I first did it.  I have no regrets and love life here in the United States,  it’s just hard to understand when you’re making life decisions as a 21 year-old how big the repercussions of those decisions can be in the long term.  I wouldn’t trade my time here in states for anything though.  Over the last few years I’ve lived in Hawaii and Portland, enjoyed great success in the booming technology market over here and met my wonderful fiancee. Meaghan.  Life is good!

One of the things I’m really looking forward to is visiting the Lake District.  We already have a few nights reserved in Keswick courtesy of my parents.  We used to visit the area every Easter for a week or so of fresh air and hikes in the hills.  It’s a beautiful area and a part of England I really miss.

I’m packing two regular cameras, a video camera, and a brand new journal to capture as much of our vacation as possible.  I’ll update with pictures and stories as often as I can.

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