Trolls and crappy feedback

One of the things I do for fun occasionally is to record footage from the games I play; most recently World of Warcraft.  It’s a bit of fun and something I can keep as a momento for later of some rather cool times that Meaghs and I have had together.  In order to share this with others and as a good place to store the rather large video files, I use websites like YouTube, FileFront, and WarcraftMovies.  One thing that has amazed me as part of this experience is the utterly crappy feedback that most idiots leave on these sites.

I got one particularly insightful comment this morning from a waste of breath on the WarcraftMovies site telling me how I shouldn’t make projects any more because what I do is crap.  Soooo constructive.  I PM’d the guy and asked him to send me links to his projects…but, ummm, oh yeah that’s right – in the 2 years he’s been a member of the site he’s contributed a total of 0 projects!  Hahaha- nice one.  That adds credibility to your responses when you’ve contributed absolutely nothing to the community but criticism.


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  1. adron says:

    WOW = Online Heroin.

    On an almost redundant note, on my blog I commonly don’t get too much constructive feedback either. I do however get a few good gems here and there though. Recently I found out why TriMet is shutting down the east side MAX between Lloyd Center and Gateway.

    I’ve been trying to make a point though, to leave better comments in the blogosphere.

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