Brain drag- running on empty…

I couldn’t sleep very well last night and so at about 04:45 I decided to just give it up and start my day early.  It felt great to have been productive before 06:30 even rolled around.  However, now at 12:15 after a Thai lunch at ESan I’m running out of steam at an alarming rate.  Trying all I can to get productivity out of these last three hours.  Right now the idea of curling up under a few blankets and dozing for a few hours sounds great.  If I could just get this one page fini…..zzzZZZzzzzZZzzzzz

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2 Responses to Brain drag- running on empty…

  1. adron says:

    I’m a strong advocate of working when productive. If I was in charge, you would have gone home, zonked out with those few blankets, and just worked at a later time.

    I’ve not seen one shred of evidence that there is any point to the industrial age’s 9-5 work day hours. They’re really BS and people should work, as best they can pending the business and company climate, around the hours when they’ll be more productive.

    I can almost promise that a person doing the 9-5, is about 1/2 as productive in throughput as someone trying to push themselves to be in the office, no matter what, during 9-5.

    …One of these days in the next couple decades, companies might just start realizing this on a larger scale. So far only the small groups and really edgy companies seem to have grasped that. So far, their quality has gone through the roof while everyone else struggles for quality while barely having decent throughput.

  2. stuartthompson says:

    So true Adron. I’ve often wondered why we stick by a system invented more out of consequence than of any particular design and from over a century ago. I have only had one project that employed a “success is our metric” time system that allowed large flexibility not only on hours worked but also on total hours worked per week. The contract was upon deliverable versus face time. Very successful project too.

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