Back from vacation

Meaghan and I landed at Portland International Airport yesterday afternoon, thus concluding our vacation to England.  We had a truly superb time visiting with my parents, my sister and brother in law, and of course our two nephews Ethan and Oscar.  We also saw my Grandma in Newcastle, as well as visiting a whole host of places.  I took five hundred photographs and a bunch of notes in my journal so I have plenty to blog over the next few days.  The flights weren’t too bad, there was no lost luggage, and our kitties survived very well thanks to our good friend Holly checking in on them every couple of days.  I picked up a vicious cold on the way back unfortunately, so I was full of cold on the plane home and all yesterday afternoon.  We went to bed at around 4pm last night and slept through until 4am this morning, which really helped to get over some of the jetlag.  I’m medicated up this morning and got to work at 6am to clear my email inbox and get a jump start on the week.  So far so good.  We have great memories from a wonderful trip and I look forward to writing about more of them all in detail.

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