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10 Reasons to Love a Downturn

Ted Murphy wrote an excellent post on 10 reasons to love a downturn. I especially like “Spend time with your family and friends. Enjoy each other and create a support network to get through to better financial times.”  What a … Continue reading

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Ruby on Rails Setup with DreamHost

As step 1 of my latest experiment, I’ve started by configuring a Ruby on Rails site with DreamHost.  This actually involved quite a bit of setup work, which is not unusual when remotely hosting a new website.  I have documented … Continue reading

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Busy Weekend

Meaghs’ mom and sister were in town for the weekend to attend the Portland Bridal Show.  They stayed with us on Friday and Saturday night and then attended the show most of Saturday prior to a shopping spree at the … Continue reading

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The ASP.NET, Silverlight, PHP, Rails Experiment

I’ve been working with Microsoft technologies for over ten years, specifically Microsoft’s web development technologies.  During that time I have built a variety of sites ranging in scope from e-commerce, educational, service provision, SaaS, to dashboards, portals, internal tools, and … Continue reading

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Portland Tech Twitter

@janetleejohnson pointed me at the Portland Tech Twitter list on AboutUs this morning.  It’s basically a wiki page listing of tech tweeps in PDX.  Very cool idea and a great index for new people I might be interested in following.  … Continue reading

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Dinner and drinks for 1.2 billion dollars

Wow: You have to wonder where this will end. I feel really bad for the people of Zimbabwe. They people there are powerless to stop the financial crisis happening around them. Thanks to @geoffrey_mcgill and the re-tweet from @shanselman … Continue reading

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Two-year anniversary

Tonight marks the two-year anniversary of Meaghan and I being together.  It was on this day two years ago that we enjoyed a lovely meal at a local French restaurant before heading to a cocktail bar for midnight bellinis.  Meaghan … Continue reading

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Abomidable spelling

I was reading the news this morning when I came across this article on the Discovery channel site: It never ceases to amaze me the typographical errors that pass editing on mainstream websites.  Doesn’t the Discovery channel provide a … Continue reading

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High Astromancer Solarian

On our second Relentless raid into The Eye we managed to not only one-shot Void Reaver, but also one-shotted High Astromancer Solarian on what was only our guild’s third attempt.  Pictures to follow tonight when I can get them uploaded … Continue reading

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Palin Bingo!

Now you can play too!  Create your own card at

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