Vacation to England – Part I

Posts from our trip to England are coming soon I promise!  I’ve been consumed by importing the posts that were corrupted during my failed upgrade to SubText 2.0 and have as such been procrastinating over starting publication of our photographs and stories from England.  I’ll get on that tonight and then more this weekend.

For now, here are a couple of photographs from Manchester airport taken after we had just landed.

Our flight had arrived a little early, so we actually beat my parents to the airport.  After twelve hours in a tin can, Meaghan was ready for a cup of coffee.  We had a little bit of fun paying for it as England have converted to Chip & Pin for payments (basically a bank card now has a small chip on it that is scanned by a device, which is then paired with your pin).  This meant that my “old sk00l” VISA card with magnetic stripe confused the hell out of the girls working at the coffee counter.  After a few minutes of head-scratching they were able to find an option in the EFT terminal that allowed me to “swipe” and then sign.

Meaghan and I were both fairly hungry after our flight and it was still early enough in the day to head over to the Ladybower Inn before we had to get back to Doncaster for the night.  I was looking forward to a pint of John Smiths and the food there was great.  Just what the doctor ordered.

More pictures to come tonight and this weekend.

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