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I’ve been making a few updates to the layout of the blog recently.  One of the things I added was a Flickr photostream preview in the right-hand sidebar.  It will show the 3 most recent additions to my photostream.  I’ve only recently moved to flickr, having mostly uploaded pictures to my blog in the past and then to Facebook over the last couple of months.  However, it seems that many of my friends are using Flickr so this morning I decided to starting using it more actively.  I upgraded to a pro account and started uploading some of the photos from our trip to England.  If you’re on flickr and want to add me, my profile name is stuart.thompson.  You should be able to search for me and add from there (or you could just click through one of the photos in the photostream preview on the right).  Even though the stream is named stuart thompson, just like this website the content will actually be both from myself and Meaghan.  I’ve been so used to using my own name for these things that I automatically pick stuartthompson, stuart.thompson, or stuart.d.thompson when prompted for a username.

See you there!

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