We’ve all seen the advertisement….”shoulda gone to FREEEE credit report dot coowmmm” with the happy hippy college grad playing his banjo in a themed restaurant and then his beater car.  The principles offered in the commercial of monitoring your credit actually constitute very sound advice.  I monitor my credit, dispute and file inaccuracies in my report, and try to keep on top of the state of my finances.  It’s a wise thing to do.  It was coming up time for me to perform another credit report review and so I thought I’d give a shot.  It typically ends up costing me about $40 to get all three reports, but considering I only do this about twice a year that’s really not too bad.

As far as go, they are an Experian powered portal proferring a “credit monitoring service”.  This can be loosely translated to “report summary”.  The dashboard provides a quick view of the same data that is contained in my Experian report, as well as a couple of less than useful graphs that “track my credit score” and show “alerts” on my report.  To be fair, I was able to get my Experian report for free, use the account to sign into Experian and then file a few disputes about typographical errors on my report.  Nothing huge, just missing apartment numbers on addresses etc…  These things are fairly typical errors on a credit report but it doesn’t hurt to get the disputes filed and clean it up.

How to make sure your FREE credit report is actually FREE
If you are considering using then there are just a couple of things you should know:

  • You will need to enter credit card information in order to get your free report.
  • Your credit card will not be billed until 9 days after you sign up
  • After 9 days you will be charged $14.95 monthly for their service
  • In order to cancel you should call 1-877-481-6826

How to get the most out of it
To get the most out of your free credit report, here is what I advise that you do.  First go to and sign up for a free account.  You will need to enter your username, password, address, social security number, answer a security question, and supply a credit card or debit card number.  This will create your free account. After you have satisfactorily used the report, be sure to call them at 1-877-481-6826 and cancel your account.  There is no option on the website to do this.  When you call they will try to sell you other services and distract you from the cancellation request.  Just persist and after about 30 seconds they should accept that you just want to cancel.  Be sure to persist here.  You will receive an email a few minutes later confirming that your subscription has been cancelled.  You can now continue to browse your free report for the next 9 days.

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