Relentless’ Guild First Kill of Void Reaver

We had a spectacular success this weekend in The Eye.  In only our second attempt on Void Reaver we took him down smoothly.  The Void Reaver fight is basically a big game of dodgeball.  All 25 of your raiders spread out around the circumference of a large circular room.  Throughout the fight, Void Reaver will hurl balls of arcane energy at a couple of raiders at once.  Fortunately he aims at your feet, so if a ball of arcane energy is heading in your direction you move out to the edge of the room, let it land, and then get back in.  Other than that it’s a fairly simply tank and spank.

Congratulations to all of Relentless!  This is great progression and was a wonderful night both for loot and, more importantly, for fun.  We had two good shots on High Astromancer Solarian but eventually just ran out of time.  We’ll be back next Sunday to progress further, this time with Meaghan leading us into battle.

Kaliyah, Agizett, and Vaelorna (me) all got their T5 shoulder tokens, which turn into Mantle of the Corruptor for me and the Rift Stalker Mantle for both Giz and Kali.  The T5 shoulders are definitely an upgrade over my Merciless Gladiator’s Dreadweave Mantle for raiding, plus it’s just so cool to have the real thing instead of the wellfare arena reward alternative.

Until next week…enjoy your time Solarian.  Relentless are coming for you!

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