Twas the night before patch day

‘Twas the night before patch day, and all through the realm,
Not an item was dropping, not even a helm;
The toons were all resting, asleep in their beds,
with visions of new talents filling their heads.

From two in the morning, till two in the aft,
the Blizzard employees installed their new patch.
They worked and they toiled through bugs and through lags,
trying to roll out the content they had.

But the servers, like beasts, would boot and then fail,
the mobs all evading in Stranglethorn Vale;
and just as the night seemed to proffer despair,
the Azeroth they knew came alive with new flair:

A harbor in Stormwind,
new routes by the sea.
More items to craft,
and a new loading screen!

There was only one job that was yet to be done,
to make it all right when the players did come.
The Blizz guy updated the greeting with glee:
“Happy Patchday to all, please welcome patch three.”

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