Free/Busy Information Added

I added a link to our public free/busy information calendar to the sidebar.  This link does not expose event information, however if you are planning events with us it should be useful to see the times when Meaghan and I are available.  This page uses the Google Calendar service to retrieve the event data.  Check it out when you get a chance and let me know what you think.

I’m still deciding upon a final calendaring and organization solution.  I’ve been using my TMobile MDA to organize my calendar for the last couple of years.  It integrates with the Exchange server at SoftSource (my employer), which means all of my work meetings are automatically synchronized.  However, I’m finding that I’d prefer a little more control over my own calendar without reliance upon the “email server at work”.  If I were to change employers then retrieving all of that information could be difficult.  Furthermore, I’ve never really felt comfortable putting my personal appointments on my work calendar.  I’m giving the Google calendar application a good test as it seems the most promising so far.  Easy to update and very easy to sychronize with using the iCal format.  I’ll give it another six months to see how well it meets our needs.

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