Moved to Skype

Meaghan and I chat with my folks over the internet about once a month. For the last year we’ve put up with the bugged and flawed experience of MSN Messenger, working around audio delay, dropped calls, and frozen video problems. This morning we switched over to Skype and what a difference!  We’ve been aware of Skype for a while.  I’ve been using it on and off since I was in college.  However, we’d stuck by the principle that if it isn’t broken then don’t fix it.  MSN Messenger finally qualified as “broken enough” to switch.

The Skype call quality is superb, the video degrades and upgrades as the connection quality comes in and out but I’d much prefer a graceful degradation to a dropped call.  Even over the wireless network, the connection quality was amazing.  I was able to give my parents a tour of our house by connecting on our laptop and just wandering around.

Good to see my folks- great to see and hear them clearly!

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