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@janetleejohnson pointed me at the Portland Tech Twitter list on AboutUs this morning.  It’s basically a wiki page listing of tech tweeps in PDX.  Very cool idea and a great index for new people I might be interested in following.  Adding yourself to the list is faily easy too.  There are some great instructions here.  For those wondering how to format the information, here is what I added to include myself in the list:

:[http://www.twitter.com/stuartthompson @stuartthompson] – [[Stuart Thompson]]
::Software architect, consultant for Microsoft-based enterprise solutions.  [http://stuartthompson.wordpress.com Blog] | [http://stuartthompsontech.wordpress.com Tech Blog]

The first part :[http://www.twitter.com/stuartthompson @stuartthompson] – [[Stuart Thompson]] includes a link to my twitter profile but is displayed as my name.

The second part ::Software architect, consultant for Microsoft-based enterprise solutions. includes a brief description of who I am.

The third part [http://stuartthompson.wordpress.com Blog] | [http://stuartthompsontech.wordpress.com Tech Blog] includes links to both this blog and my tech blog.

You can use the template above to include your own information by just tweaking the relevant parts.  Note that the colons are important.  They are part of the formatting syntax for the wiki.

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2 Responses to Portland Tech Twitter

  1. Bram Pitoyo says:

    Hey Stuart,

    I hope the Portland Tech Twitter wiki is useful for everyone, and you could find a person (or two) to follow!

  2. stuartthompson says:

    Thanks Bram!
    That’s an excellent list and I’ve already found many people I’d like to follow as a result. Portland is such a great tech town and resources like this only help us to get and stay more connected.

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