Busy Weekend

Meaghs’ mom and sister were in town for the weekend to attend the Portland Bridal Show.  They stayed with us on Friday and Saturday night and then attended the show most of Saturday prior to a shopping spree at the Lloyd Center mall.

They spent most of Friday shopping at Washington Square mall and both Meaghan and Mandy managed to find shoes for the wedding.  Woohoo!  I didn’t get to see much of them that night.  I’m starting a new project for my employer and working on the planning and legal stuff for that.  Then I had beers planned with Mark for after work.  I came home a couple of pints for the better!  Fortunately we were still able to share dinner and a few glasses of wine before turning in for the night.  It was nice to get the chance to catch up.  I could tell that Meaghs had a blast shopping with them both; so nice for her to get some girl time to spend checking out all of the stores!

I spent most of Saturday reading about the Apache web server and researching Ruby on Rails.  I decided to take a look at how the open source world lives.  Then on Saturday evening I joined Relentless on a very successful raid through Zul’Aman; I even got a new dagger!

All in all, a pretty cool (if busy) weekend!

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