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Although the true address of this blog is, there are several alternate URLs that you can use to get here:

All of the above links will redirect to this blog.  It may seem like a strange setup, but there is actually some method to the madness. is my domain, not just my blog.  I want to move to hosting a dashboard there that contains more than just blog entries, rather a aggregation of twitter, the blog, flickr, facebook, all of my social media presence in one location.  However, as more and more of those services are added there is more information that is specific to me and less that is specific to both Meaghan and I.  Meaghan has a separate twitter feed and flickr, for example, and might someday want a dashboard of her own.  I’m integrating with this site too, as an alternate portal access location.

However, for stuartandmeaghan.* I thought that the most pertenant location was our group blog.  I could actually host the blog at, and I thought about that, but then realized that as Meaghs gets more into blogging she may well want a space of her own.  She already has a space of her own on wordpress for our wedding blog.  At some point if she wants a blog of her own, I would probably set it up at or once we are married.  Something personal to her.  For now, I host the blog at but have the group urls redirect there.  It made me realize in our age of permanence and location on the web that the tradition of having women who marry change their last name causes them quite a problem.  I’ll always be Stuart Thompson, so accounts on facebook, twitter, flickr, etc… where I can grab stuart.thompson, stuartthompson, sthompson or some other variation will always be in one place.  Anything registered to Meaghan Brown or any derivative might either a) have to change after we marry or b) stay with her maiden name (which introduces it’s own problems).  Either way, there is going to be difficulty for some people in finding her online profiles after we are married.  I wonder how many Web 2.0 companies have planned for this in their products.  It would be nice to see a “my name changed, now what?” use case in their UI.  I haven’t really researched it as the thought only occured to me recently, so it might already exist.  Either way, I think it has to be a use-case that is accounted for as web 2.0, social media, and online presence become increasingly important.

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