Craigs list underworld…who knew?

@codinghorror (a.k.a. Jeff Attwood) twittered a link this morning about drug deals and prostitution rings using craigslist for distribution.  It’s at times like this I feel so unaware of the criminal underworld:

I think the part that amazes me the most is that a felon with a record gets caught having used a halfway-house computer to deal drugs through the craigslist website, pleads guilty, and then ends up with 3-6 months in jail; a sentence I’m assured will probably end up being more like 6-8 weeks.  While I’m sure jail is extremely unpleasant, that doesn’t seem like much of a deterrant for someone who would so blatantly break the law even after having previously being prosecuted for armed robbery.  What are the odds than in about 8-10 weeks time he’ll be dealing drugs again, ruining other lives, starting another cycle for people to have to clean up?

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