GMail Themes

GMail now has support for themes to change the look and feel of their interface, something that has been speculated about for quite a while.  I usually feel like theming and skinning are really cheesy “value add” items for service-based software, but there is something about the particular implementation that Google have chosen that make me dig it.  You should try out the “Tree” theme at least once.  It asks for the name of the city you live in and then bases the graphic of the theme upon the current weather in your area.

The Inquisitr put together a collage of some of the available themes, although the preview mode in the GMail interface is more than sufficient.  I’ll bore with theming soon enough, but for now it’s cool and fun.  I guess I’d never really thought that the GMail interface was ugly before, just functional, but now I do appreciate the touches of color and a crisper feel.

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