Last night, several of us from SoftSource went out for Lasertag at the Laserport of Beaverton.  It was part of our SoftSource social Wednesday event.  While we had a smaller turnout than at some of the previous events, we were able to get two great games in: one 3v3v3 and another 3v3 grudge match.  I’d forgotten how energetic lasertag can be when you get in there, ducking and weaving, and this morning my quads are hurting from all the ducking down behind walls and firing at people.

It was great to get out with friends from work and compete with them like this.  I was able to hold my own pretty well too, coming in #3 overall in the first game and then #1 overall in the second.  It reminded me how much fun lastertag really is.  I’m going to try to organize another trip there with another group of friends soon.  Unfortunately, I forgot my camera last night – doh!  So I’ve had to go with some stock photos from the laserport site.

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