A white christmas?

The first of the snow arrived last night.  We looked outside this morning and saw a blanket of white outside.  It had clearly been snowing for several hours and at 10am was still coming down pretty steadily.  While there are still a couple of weeks to go, this certainly bodes well for a white Christmas.

first-snow-of-2008-walking-around-frank-estate-6 first-snow-of-2008-walking-around-frank-estate-9

Meaghan and I took the chance to take a walk around and enjoy the snow while it lasted.  The wind was biting and I had to find breaks in the flurries for a chance to take pictures of more than just snowflakes on a lens, but I was still able to get a couple of good shots.  They are talking on the news about how the temperature tonight will be the lowest since the early 1990s; it is expected to dip to 12°F.

first-snow-of-2008-walking-around-frank-estate-7 first-snow-of-2008-walking-around-frank-estate-8

The photo on the left is of a small bush that is usually a bright green and full of leaves; today replaced by a covering of snow.  In stark constrast was a tree standing proudly by our little guest house.  It’s bright yellow leaves displayed in resistance to the otherwise all-encompassing snow.  I uploaded a few more photos to my web album at: http://picasaweb.google.com/stuart.d.thompson/FirstSnowOf2008#.

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