January Budget

The best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry.  We exited the Christmas financial bleed looking pretty good.  We’d avoided putting anything on credit and had sufficient remaining funds in January to have a clean month and still put money in savings.  However, it seems that January is a month destined to thwart my financial plans.

On Friday the check engine light in my Mazda stayed on after I started the car.  It’s probably something small, but my car is now awaiting a diagnosis to find out what repairs are necessary.  I’m sure it won’t be free.

This morning I was reminded that I have a dentist appointment tomorrow to get fitted for a second crown, something I’ve been putting off for far too long.  I had a crown done last year and it was an extremely successful procedure, however it was also fairly costly.  I’ve been delaying the second one for a while to soften the financial blow.  I apparently delayed it until January.  The cost will be split between the preparation work tomorrow and then the actual crown fitting in a couple of weeks.  Either way, it isn’t going to be free either.  Our health insurance covers a basic percentage of the cost but also with basic materials that really don’t get the job done right.  I get penalized for wanting a porcelain crown and proper molding and settling materials and equipment.  Shame on me for wanting the job done right!

I’m actually not worried about it at all though.  We did well keeping to our budget over Christmas and have a couple of spare dollars in the account this month.  The final balance for the wedding in July is looming but overall I’m satisfied with our fiscal exit from 2008.  Nice to get a few of these jobs knocked off too.  2009 is a year for finishing; time to bring closure to some long running jobs.

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