Scattered and busy day

What a scattered and busy day this has been!  It started with debugging a rather obscure issue in my current project, then switching focus to get some new features written that I didn’t get to yesterday.  Then it was off to the dentist for a crown preparation.  Dentist appointments are never high on anyone’s to-do list, but I’d put this one off for far too long.  Fortunately it was only a couple of hours of fun in the chair and I was soon getting back some feeling in my jaw.  I was then able to finish up some of the features I’d started coding this morning just in time to get back on the road in order to pick up my car from the dealership.  The check engine light stayed on when I started my car on Monday morning.  It was a fairly simple component that failed, a small component in the emission control system, and fortunately the work was covered under warranty.  However, it added another task to an already somewhat cluttered day.  It is nice to now be home, having checked off a couple of big tasks while at the same time getting all of the work done that I’d wanted to for the day.  Here’s to a quieter end to the week!

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