Superbowl Sunday!

Yeah, I’m a little behind. Hoping to correct that this morning. A lot happened in January and February. So much that is almost accounts for the fact that we’re approaching March; almost.

We watched the Superbowl at our friends house this year. Michael and Laura were kind enough to host a superbowl party. This year was a big one too. Meaghan has been a Steelers fan pretty much her entire life. Her extended family still live in Pennsylvania and call each other during the game every time the Steelers score a touchdown. As I had never watched American football prior to meeting Meaghs, I simply adopted the Steelers from her and have been supporting them since then. We followed this season closely, watching many of their games at home, but also occasionally slipping out to the pub to enjoy a couple of beers with the game. When they reached the superbowl we were both excited.

starting-the-party starting-the-party-2

The party at the Cowan’s was a blast. Michael Lynch and his wife Lisa were both there along with their son, Ian. I hit the beers pretty early, while Cowan went straight for the jack and coke. Meaghan and I were both there in our team jerseys and Meaghs also brought her terrible towel. What ensued was a lot of shouting at the TV, cheering the Steelers along to their victory.


The drinking and partying continued throughout the afternoon, leaving a couple of casualties along the way. Cowan managed to finish pretty much an entire bottle of J.D. and even drank a little coke with it. The result of which found him laying on the floor, tormented by his own children, Ian, and eventually becoming a rather lucky footstool for Laura. Ahhh, good times!

ijandm ijandm2

footstool footstool2

In the end he was forced to declare defeat, a single arm raised in silent protest to the onslaught. It was a fantastic party and I only hope to repeat such great times in the future, which reminds me that I need to set up a dinner and games night with these guys.


Here’s to the Steelers championship win, good times with friends, and the wonder of drinking on a Sunday afternoon. I failed to mention that after 7 beers I was pretty blotto myself. Fortunately, the Meaghanator came through for me as she had agreed to drive us home. 🙂 W00t!


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One Response to Superbowl Sunday!

  1. Michael Cowan says:

    Good times. I think that is the perfect amount of alcohol to drink. Not too much to go crazy but enough to get stupid.

    And no hangover .. whew.

    Good times!

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