Star Wars Marathon

star-wars-yoda-battling-count-dooku Sunday afternoon we loaded up on chips, queso, cider, and beer, then headed over to our friends Matt and Holly’s house to watch the first three movies in the Star Wars saga.  Ben, their son, loves Star Wars and was really excited to watch the three movies back to back.  We got to enjoy the marathon in Matt’s home theatre, complete with huge comfy chair, surround sound, and projector.  Matt had a selection of great beer and Holly had prepared pulled pork to go with the snacks.  Our great hosts treated us to a thoroughly wonderful afternoon.  Watching the three movies back to back was great, even if it did further highlight the decline of the acting skills Hayden Christensen brought to the role of Anakin Skywalker.

The best news of the night, however, was the agreement that we should follow up with the final three movies on an upcoming weekend.  Something to look forward to!

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