UFC 96

Saturday night I joined a group of friends at Jesse’s house to watch UFC 96.  The main fight was Rampage Jackson vs Keith Jardine.  It had been a few months since I’d been able to make it to our fight night group and I was really looking forward to it.  Due to several short fights we were able to see the entire card, which was a nice treat.  However, when the main event came on I was a little disappointed with the performance from Rampage.  I had fully expected him to simply decimate Jardine and I get the feeling Rampage felt the same way; a little too strongly.  It honestly looked like he hadn’t prepared.  Jackson came out very strongly and landed several big hits in the opening minutes.  Jardine looked rocked for a few seconds but then recovered quickly.  That guy can take one hell of a beating and shake it off really quickly.  That’s when Jackson looked rattled.  His composure was thrown off and his lack of stamina training really began to show.  Both fighters looked tired by the end of the first round and towards the end of the fight it seemed pretty clear that although Rampage was ahead, he really hadn’t taken the fight as seriously as he should have done.  Hopefully he’ll correct that mistake for his next fight with Rashad Evans and take back the Light Heavyweight title in style.

Thanks to Jesse for hosting.  It was great to see everyone and have a night of UFC, pizza, and beer.

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