Games Night on Wednesday

We enjoyed another of our periodically scheduled games nights on Wednesday at our friends Matt and Holly’s house.  This week we had record attendance with nine people.  We enjoyed a lovely chicken pot pie for dinner, several glasses of wine, and a few great beers.  Then we proceeded to play Guesstures and Catchphrase, both great games for larger groups.  Guesstures is like charades on crack.  On your turn you select four cards, which you insert into the special Guesstures rack.  A timer will cause the rack to swallow the cards in turn, giving you around ten seconds per card to mime sufficiently well as to cause your team mates to be able to guess the word.  If your team do happen to mistake your wild movements for the word in question then you grab the card out of the rack before it is swallowed up to score points.  We had a boys vs girls match, which ended in a tie and had to be resolved by a golden question of sudden death.  The boys won.

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Catchphrase works along similar lines, however in this team game you each takes turns passing a ticking time bomb around a circle (must like the popular children’s game “pass the parcel”).  Whomever is holding the bomb when the timer runs out must award a point to the opposing team.  However, you cannot simply pass the bomb onto the person sitting next to you.  First you must get your teammates to guess the word that is being displayed on the bomb by describing it without using the word itself.  This adds a frantic guessing element to the game as you desperately try to get your teammates to say the word before the time runs out.  Lots of fun.

We had a great time as always, but more than anything it was really nice to see so many of our friends together on one evening.  I only hope  that we are graced with such fortune again on future occasions.

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