Morning Yoga

I got up at around 6:30 this morning after tossing and turning awake for an hour.  After feeding the cats and tidying up some dishes from last night, I decided I would get out my Yoga Shakti DVD and do my first yoga practice of 2009.  I did the 42 minute beginner routine from the disk and it felt great.  Probably the greatest I’ve felt this year.  After almost three years away from yoga practice now, I remember all that I love about it.  There is nothing quite so energizing, relaxing, and cleansing as a morning yoga practice and I look forward to enjoying more in the coming weeks.  I’ve tried to force myself to get back into yoga on several occasions over the last three years, but each time I just wasn’t quite ready.  I think that now I am ready to let go of the past and move forward once more and it is great to have the pure enjoyment of yoga back.  It’s more than just exercise, which to me is something I typically have to motivate with reward.  Yoga is a quiet space in which to breathe, think, and move.  I feel great and I’m ready to tackle the day.


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