Board Game Night: World of Warcraft

I love to play both video games and board games and used to play a lot of D&D when I was younger.  When I learned of my friends’ local D&D group, I jumped at the chance to join.  Last night was my first chance to join the group.  Unfortunately, one of the regulars had a last minute emergency and as a result the group elected to play board games instead of their regular D&D.  This worked out well for me as events beyond my control meant I hadn’t had the chance to create a character under the new rules yet.  Next time, I’ll be ready.

In lieu, we decided to play the World of Warcraft board game.  Having played an hour or two of the online version of Warcraft in my time, I was keen to try the board game edition.  I’d looked at it in Rainy Day Games a few times, but haven’t ever bought a copy as I don’t often have the chance to play with a large enough group of interested people.  You really need at least 4 and ideally 6 or more to make it work properly.  This was the perfect group.  We had 3 alliance, 3 horde, and a GM.  Excellent!


While we weren’t able to finish our game (it’s truly quite massive), we had a ton of fun beating up on gnolls, zombies, and even a couple of dungeons.  We had to take a good slice of time to set everything up and go over the rules with everyone and as you can see from the picture above there are a lot of components to manage.  The game works extremely well as modelling its online counterpart, from skill and talent management, level-appropriate quests, and a compelling need to work as a team on many objectives.  The dungeon mechanic is both punishing and rewarding for those willing to take risks, and I look forward to another chance to play in the future.

A big thanks to Dan for hosting and to the group for letting me join in with them.  I’m now armed with the D&D 4.0 handbook and a blank character sheet and as soon as Meaghan and I get back from Vegas I’ll bring Vaelorna back to life on paper and be ready to do battle.  To infinity and beyond!

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