Twitted my last tweet?

I had a realization this afternoon that I may have twitted my last tweet on twitter (say that six times fast!)  The social networking phenomenon that I’ve contributed to over the last year has become less and less interesting to me as time has passed.  I can see where the service delivers incredible value for some people, I’m just not certain I’m that audience.  In fact, I found myself having to actively become that audience in order for the service to make sense in my life.  That’s altogether the wrong way round.

I still like the idea of updating my status for friends to see, but FaceBook fills that niche much more succesfully than twitter for me, not only in terms of the people in my life who use facebook versus twitter, but also because the people I know who use facebook post updates that are of more interest to me.  I’ve found that my tweeps (friends on twitter) tend to post more from a marketing and “personal online brand” perspective.  On twitter my friends network, promote brands and initiatives, and support each other’s promotions in an effort to further the common good, and for that crowd those are wonderful things.  My friends on facebook tend to update more of what is happening in their personal lives and how they are feeling on a day to day basis.  For me, those are simply the posts that I find more interesting and that add more value to my life in terms of what I’m looking to achieve from social networking.

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