DirectX 10 – Learning from scratch

It’s been several years since I did any games programming.  I have always maintained an avid interest in 3d modelling and graphics programming and love the world of video games and video game development, however I have found it hard to set aside the time necessary to really dig into the field further.  I’ve been unwilling to consider becoming a professional games developer because the reality is that all but a select few earn the kind of money that is available in commercial software development.  As the head of household and provider for our family I can’t justify cutting my salary in half (or more) to work insane hours in one of the most demanding corners of our industry.

However, the draw of games development and more specifically of DirectX development has sucked me in once more.  I’m enamored by the idea of being able to create 3d models and render them inside a game engine.  It’s not even about an interest in commercial exploitation or of using a game framework to create the next big hit, I’m just fascinated by the science and technology of 3d modeling, rendering, shading, lighting, and voodoo.

So, dear friends, I am going to do my best to document my journeys through the jungle of DirectX development.  If this hobby gets legs then I’m thinking about creating a new blog just for the topic, but we’ll wait and see if enough hours of interest occur first.

Primarily my goals from this are to create a basic DirectX 10 application, capable of rendering .x models created in TrueSpace 7.6 and develop an understanding for how graphics devices and model rendering in DX10 works.  I understand the basic principles and a lot of the underlying math, but the technology of rendering has moved on so much since I was last involved (DirectX 6).  This project will hopefully provide a nice refresher on C++ as well as give me a deeper understanding on where 3d graphics technology stands today.  Who knows, perhaps this little venture will produce something I can share. 🙂

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    Way to use the inerntet to help people solve problems!

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