Lunch at Busters then Football and Frisbee in the park

Our friends Matt and Holly took their son Ben to an Easter egg hunt this morning at a small farm close to where we live. After Ben had finished hunting, we were able to meet up with them for lunch at Buster’s Texas Barbecue. It was great to see our friends and we were able to plan a bike ride together on some as yet undecided weekend in the near future.

After lunch Meaghan and I headed to Gabriel Park with a football (soccer ball to Americans- but I kick with my feet, not my soccers so I’ll stick to calling it a football) and a frisbee. We both ran around for minutes before getting tired and slowing down a little. We had good fun kicking our football around and then throwing around a frisbee before it started to rain a little. Perhaps we’ll head out for a walk later tonight if the sun comes back out.

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