Happy Earth Day!

Today I was able to:

  • Work from a remote office and shorten my commute by 12 miles.
  • Drive outside of regular rush hours to avoid sitting in stop-go traffic.
  • Recycle 4 plastic bottles and 2 aluminum cans that were in a trash can.
    • (There was a green recycling bin next to the trash can.  Someone just didn’t stop and think.)
  • Turn off the lights in conference rooms that weren’t being used.
  • Raise a little awareness about the Honda FCX Clarity, a car powered by hydrogen.
    • A little word of mouth and links to articles like this one can go a long way!

I also wanted to share a picture of North Falls at the Silver Falls State Park, one of my favorite green places in Oregon.


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One Response to Happy Earth Day!

  1. Aha, you need to add more into “you are able to”

    1. Turn off your computer(no standby) for more than 8 hours a day
    2. Reduce computer gaming time( will it save energy?)
    3. Less Programming and no online puzzles, may be switch to erase board

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