Beautiful Day

Today is one of the first truly beautiful days of summer.  The weather is absolutely incredible and reminds me why I love living in Oregon. This morning I met up with my best man to go tux shopping for the wedding.  We started with Men’s Wearhouse, then went for lunch at Bugattis. Feeling that we hadn’t quite found what we were looking for at MW we stopped in at Mr. Formal after lunch to check out a few more styles and options. We left feeling that we’d seen a sufficient range to put together two very competitive plans. The current front runner is this two-button notch-lapel jacket with wing-tip pleated shirt, vest and bowtie. The colors of the vest and bowtie vary between groom, bestman, groomsman, and father of the bride/groom.

mrformal_singlebutton-1  bugattis-1

After returning home I let our kitties outside for a little while to enjoy the sun. I took my camera out with me and captured a few shots of the glorious weather while they enjoyed the sights and smells of the day.

bee spider

dougal-lucy-and-ebony lucy


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