Photowalk around Marquam Nature Park

Yesterday afternoon, Meaghan and I went for a short walk around the Marquam Nature Park.  We’ve been going for weekend walks to parks around the area for the last month to take advantage of the gorgeous weather we’ve been having and to give me a chance to play with my camera.

stu_marquamnaturepark littlepurpleflower

The Marquam park is very close to downtown Portland and part of the 40 mile loop.  We chose to do a short 2 mile walk that involved about 500 ft of elevation.  Fortunately most of the climbing was up-front so we got to go almost exclusively downhill on the way back!

flowerwithbug flyonleaf

We ended with a quick jaunt to the Raleigh Hills McMenamins for dinner before heading home.  We’ve had truly amazing weather these past few weeks and I can only hope that the sun stays bright and warm throughout the rest of the summer.  We’ll be sure to have superb weather for our wedding day I’m sure.


The only problem is that with a weekend like this, Monday morning comes around all too quickly.  Thankfully with how late it’s been staying bright at nights we should be able to get out and enjoy the sun this week too!

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