I’m usually pretty skeptical when I hear that a new search engine is entering the market.  Google have had that market pretty well wrapped up for a good long while now and even a group of their own engineers couldn’t one-up their ex-employers with the rather un-cool Cuil.  Even industry giant Microsoft have had a fairly rough time competing.  MSN search and then Live! search both struggled to even come close with the search result quality that Google provided.  That is until now.  Bing! which I have heard is named after the “sound of found” (and not Bing Is Not Google), is a decision engine from Microsoft that so far shows a lot of promise.  The search quality and popularity of bing! is of course yet to be tested, but my initial vanity search for “stuart thompson” produced heart-warming results for me:


Of the 6,280,000 results returned for “stuart thompson”, I’m occupying 4 of the top slots.  Sweet!

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