Fallen Tree – The Cleanup

The tree that fell onto a truck and two other cars parked at our apartment complex during the thunderstorm a couple of days ago has now been cleaned up.  With the foliage removed it is much easier to see the actual damage that was caused.

damagedcarport2 damagedtruck

damagedtruck2 tree_choppedup

The tree was taught a lesson it won’t quickly forget.  I’m guessing that our apartment management will be ordering the removal of several other trees that overhang the various parking lots.  It’s actually a shame because they provide a lot of nice coverage and greenery, but I’m sure I’d feel quite differently if my car had been hit and from a liability perspective I totally understand.

My biggest hope at this point is that the insurance companies don’t deem this an “act of god”.  It’s such a slimy way of getting out from paying a genuine claim.

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