Covered in bees…

I was idly reading this afternoon and found a reference to one of my favorite Eddie Izzard sketches: “Covered in bees”. It’s a line I use often to reflect a mood of ambivolence for an obviously odd action, an expression of: “Yes I know there is a big pink elephant in the middle of the room.  I’m ignoring it.  I’m covered in bees!” It got me thinking about the trending of this phrase as I assume that many other people have also used it and probably have also invented their own contexts.  Urban dictionary say:

“Said by the masterful comedian Eddie Izzard, in his set ‘Glorious,’ to describe what a beekeeper must occassionally say when he freaks out and realizes that he is in fact covered in bees. Great line to quote at random times when surrounded by a lot of people.” revealed zero tweets with #coveredinbees.  I quickly corrected that twittersphere oversight.

A quick check on showed that besides a twitter user with the username coveredinbees who is apparently also a fan of @EddieIzzard there are practically no references to this phrase.

Searching FaceBook yielded a few fan groups for the phrase (note that you’ll need to be logged into FaceBook in order for the url to work) but nothing suggesting a huge public trend.

I therefore conclude that my fondness for the phrase has yet to reach pet rock levels of appeal with the social media crowd.  I’ll have to see what I can do to change that.

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2 Responses to Covered in bees…

  1. Scandalous! I say that all the time in real life. We need to make it a thing.

  2. You’re on! I have to explain the meaning to people at work, but it’s a great way to break up clogs in meetings; very much like the old “I like cake” adage of years past.

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