Wedding, Vacation, Catchup, and thanks…

These last couple of months have been little more than a blur.  Planning a wedding seems to consume every spare minute available no matter how much planning and preparation is done beforehand.  The ceremony and reception were absolutely superb and all of the work was totally worth it.  Last Saturday Meaghan and I exchanged vows at the McMenamins Edgefield to start out our lives together as husband and wife.  We had friends and family from all around the globe and it was simply the greatest day and night of my life.  This last week we have spent with my parents having fun all around the Portland area.

This morning saw the start of the cleanup effort.  Not the cleanup in the physical sense.  I was able to take some time in this last week to clear away wrappings, papers, and all of the other items we were storing in our house for wedding preparations.  I tidied the house, sorted and cleared all of the items, put our wonderful gifts into their rightful places in our home, and even got a chance to do the vaccuuming.  The cleanup now is online.  Over the last few weeks I have let my online presence slip into a state of wanton abandon.  Email inboxes are overflowing, items are flagged for follow-up, drafts are started, and labels haphazardly applied in an attempt to stem the tide.  Twitter is sorely neglected, FaceBook needs updates of pictures from the wedding, and my Google reader has a full set of cobwebs.

I started by clearing my work email inbox, then moved to my GMail to clear out the obvious junk, then on to my list of flagged items.  I have a large list of people to whom I owe replies, so apologies to those who have been waiting several days.  I hope that my reply can still be timely enough to contain useful information.  Fortunately, the tools of the modern online world allow for incredible efficiency.  I’m hoping that with a concerted effort this week I can get back on top of my online life.  The most important sub-task this week is to get the pictures from the wedding imported from my cameras, and collate the photographs that are also coming in from friends.  I’d like to provide a consolidated list of links to online galleries before the end of the week.  Then there are thank you cards that I need to write and get mailed out to all of the wondeful friends and family who attended our wedding and celebrated with us.  Until the card is in the mail, please accept my direct thanks and appreciation here.  You were the life of the party and it was wonderful to celebrate our union with so many excellent people.

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