Remembering Ebony

Tonight Meaghan and I had to say farewell to one of the most loved members of our little family.  Our oldest cat Ebony had finally reached the end of his long seventeen year journey.  We remember him as a loving, energetic, vocal, and vivacious cat who would always surprise us with his unique and eccentric ways of navigating life.  Unfortunately over the last few months his health simply deteriorated to the point where it was no longer fair for us to ask more of him than he had already given.  We know that he wanted us to help him retire with grace and dignity and tonight he is finally able to rest.  Our friend Alexa drove up from Eugene to offer us her support and to say goodbye to a friend that featured strongly in her own life during college.  It is a testament to Ebony’s ability to make everyone that met him simply fall in love.

Meaghan & Ebony Stu & Ebony

It’s never easy to say goodbye, however instead of mourning his loss we prefer to celebrate and remember him as the cat who brought us so much happiness and with whom we shared so much.  Inquisitive by nature, and one of the most vocal cats I have ever known, Ebony simply had his own way of doing just about everything.  Ground rules were seen as more of an advisory and were to be especially ignored if they were coming between:

a) Ebony and wet cat food.

b) Ebony and snuggling with Meaghan.

Ebony_BlackAndWhite Ebony and Lucy

His passions were few and simple.  He loved his wet cat food and eating in general was one of his favorite pastimes.  He loved to snuggle and be petted, and he loved drinking fresh water especially if it was from a cupped pair of hands in the sink.  Running water at just the right temperature was one of his favorite treats.  He had an incredible personality, one that I am so glad to have known, and was a friend that will be sorely missed.

Farewell Ebony.  We love you.

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