Weekend at the Coast

Meaghan and I spent labor day weekend at the coast with our friends Bob & Deb Beck. Bob & Deb attended our wedding back in July and very kindly extended to us an invitation to join them at their beach house in Manzanita. The Labor Day weekend gave us the perfect opportunity to take a long weekend away.

Despite portents of rain we were blessed with lovely weather for the duration of our stay. We enjoyed a great round of golf on Saturday (after some practice swings at the driving range) for which the sun stayed out while a nice breeze tempered the heat. We were able to barbeque on more than one occasion, took several relaxing walks on the beach, but most of all we did lots of nothing. I took my sketchbook and drew a few pictures. With my camera I took a few photos, but most of all I just kicked back and relaxed. Just as a vacation should be.

As for the view…well…you tell me.  This shot was taken from the deck.


(click for larger image)

A huge thanks to Bob & Deb for their superb hospitality. We were left wanting for nothing. The food, sights, sounds, and most of all the company were top notch.

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