Getting Things Back on Track

It’s taken a few months but Meaghan and I are finally getting life back on track.  It feels like only yesterday that we were planning a wedding and mailing out invitations.  The first half of the year flew by and before we knew it we were exchanging our vows and partying with our friends.  The second half of the year feels like it has flown by just as quickly as the first half and now we’re rolling on towards Christmas with our heads spinning and the rug swept out from under us.  The last few weekends we’ve just been catching up and sorting out, and finally after many hours of hard work it feels as though things are finally coming together.

We’ve been moving furniture around over the last few weeks to put together a new living room and create a space we can spend more time together.  It’s slow moving and a lot of work, but really nice to see the results starting to come together.

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