Forza Motorsport 3

The third release of Microsoft’s racing series released yesterday. I picked up a copy on the way home from work and was very soon out on the track enjoying the first few events from season mode. I’ve been a huge fan of racing games for years, since I was around 4 and first saw Revs on the BBC Model B.

My favorite racing game for a long time was Project Gotham Racing 2 on the original XBox. It was the first racing game I’d played that supported online racing modes and I loved the selection of cars, arcade feel, and the challenge afforded by collecting the platinum medals.

The Forza series, however, approaches the genre from quite a different angle. It isn’t as punishing a simulation as Microsoft’s Flight Simulator is for the world of aviation, but it also doesn’t have the arcade feel of the Project Gotham series. Forza 3 is a great blend of instant action and driving simulation that rewards patience without requiring you to be an actual race driver in order to succeed.

I’ve created a Storefront on the Forza site where I can upload photos, replays, car designs, and tunings for other players to browse and download.  It’s a fun way to put together your favorite moments from the game.


This is a shot of a custom Subaru WRX STi that I put together.  The camera mode for these sorts of shots is simply superb!  So far I’ve been mostly racing through “Season Mode”, which tracks the career of your race driver alter ego.  Looking forward to more nights of multiplayer with friends too as that’s where the game really comes alive.

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