Carving Pumpkins for Halloween

Meaghan and I carved pumpkins together this evening.  I’d never carved a pumpkin before but always thought it sounded like fun so we picked up four pumpkins and a carving kit at the store.  While our dinner was in the oven we cut off the lids, scooped out the guts, and prepared our designs.

DSC_0358-1I chose to carve a kitty-shaped pumpkin and Meaghan chose to carve a skull.  We left a couple of small pumpkins uncarved; one for each of our kitties, Lucy and Dougal.  All four are now sitting on our doorstep to greet those who would “trick-or-treat”.

DSC_0363-1  DSC_0365-1 

We’re finishing off our night watching Transformers 2 and then X-Men Origins.  Not really Halloween-themed movies, but two that we’ve both been looking forward to watching for a while.

Happy Halloween!

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