Wet Weekend

On Friday night the rain began.  Meaghan and I headed over to our friend’s house for dinner and board games.  It was great to see Matt, Holly, Amy, Ben, and Audrey for it had been too long.  Nice to start out the winter season with an evening of parlor games too; it’s a great portent for future occasions.

Saturday saw the first of the true Oregon winter rain.  Despite the downpour Meaghan and I still made it outside for a walk, albeit around a local mall.  As we were about to leave for our perambulation we discovered that the water outside our front door was rising alarmingly.  We notified our apartment managers who dispatched maintenance right away.  They did a great job draining the water and then dug a trench to help it drain more easily over the coming weeks.  It’s not the best looking solution, but it should save our entryway from getting wet.

For breakfast on Saturday I made us some cheese potato cakes (from scratch!), the remainder of which I was able to enjoy on Sunday morning.  On Sunday afternoon we enjoyed a quiet meal at the local pub, using the remainder of a gift certificate given to us by a friend at our wedding.  It was a nice way to finish the weekend.

All in all a quiet weekend with some football on Sunday afternoon and a fair amount of video gaming.  We kept up with the walks and exercise and enjoyed the first days of the wet season.  Here’s to a great end to 2009.

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