New Moon

Meaghan and I went to the theater last weekend to see the new Twilight movie New Moon.  It was predictably teen oriented in nature, but true to the stories (so I’m led to believe) and entertaining to watch.  The production values were high and helped to convey the vampire and werewolf characters well.  Direction was a little light in places but everything kept moving and I was able to keep up with the plot despite having not read the books.

The population of the particular theater and showing we attended carried a high percentile of teenage girls who “ooh’d” and “aah’d” whenever a shirt was ripped off to reveal a rippling abdomen.  There were a few moments when I had to conceal a snicker or two, but as someone who idolized a variety of bimbos at that age I have few stones to throw.

Meaghan enjoyed the movie and I had a fun afternoon date with my beautiful wife, so all in all it was mission accomplished.  I did feel as though I should perhaps get in a bar-fight on the way home though, just to be sure everything was still intact.

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