Piazza Italia

Tonight we had the pleasure of joining our friends Bob & Deb for a meal at one of their favorite NW Portland restaurants, Piazza Italia. They invited us to join them based upon a recommendation stemming back many years of continued patronage and were assured that Friday night was one of the best nights to enjoy the experience to the fullest.


Without doubt Piazza has an authentic feel to it. Run by an Italian family of obvious soccer fans, the front of house service was superb and got the night started out very nicely. The menu contained a great sounding selection, however ultimately it was the specials boards that caught my attention. Bob & Deb knew what they were getting as they enjoy a lamb special offered only on Fridays. I chose the rabbit special and Meaghan chose the lasagna. Our meals were excellent. The rabbit was cooked superbly. The meat slid off the bone perfectly and the meat was flavorful and tender. Meaghan assures me the lasagna was equally enjoyable. The service was great and for two entrees, a desert mocha, and half a liter of wine we came away for under fifty bucks for the two of us. That’s very affordable by any dining standard. I’m sure we’ll be returning again in the future. We had a great meal and a great night out with our friends.

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