Citadel Miniatures – Step One

I’ve been playing Dungeons & Dragons with some friends locally now for a little over six months and in doing so have rekindled an old interest. In turn this got me thinking that it might be fun to paint miniatures again and so over the Christmas break I picked up a starter kit, which includes the foundation paint colors, a couple of glues and a pair of trimmers. I also picked up a box of wood elf miniatures to assemble and paint.

Citadel Miniatures Step One - Jan 10th 2010

This morning I took the first step by cutting out all of the pieces from their mold frames. The kits ship as a set of frames, in this case ten frames, that contain the unassembled figures. The first stage is to clip out all of the pieces from the frames. I like to separate the pieces into small, medium, and large groups. I store them in individually sealable bags to keep them together. The fourth bag contains the base fixtures; small plastic squares to which the completed figures are glued to keep them standing up straight.

Next I’ll use a hobby knife to trim off any plastic tabs and smooth out any irregularities from the molding process.

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2 Responses to Citadel Miniatures – Step One

  1. Brian says:

    Does this mean Ellie will be over helping you soon?

  2. Hehe – might be a long way to fly to paint some miniatures, but I’d never complain about a family visit. 🙂

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