Birthday Shopping

This weekend Meaghan and I went shopping with my birthday money. I looked around at several items from a new music keyboard to a Playstation 3 (for the BluRay player mostly). However, after searching for a couple of hours I couldn’t find anything that felt like a definite purchase. We found a really great keyboard that had touch-sensitive keys, a full seven octave manual, functional and well-weighted foot pedals, and a $1,000 price tag; significantly out of my budget. We decided that would be more of a long-term buy. Shopping around the other keyboards we couldn’t find one that would satisfy the desires I had to advance from the current keyboard I have and it felt silly to buy something in the middle of the range that we’d likely want to replace within the year.


The PlayStation 3 was very tempting, especially at the new and more affordable price of $299 (for the 120GB drive “slim” version). However, we ultimately reached the conclusion that a combined BluRay player and gaming system might not be the best idea. I play video games rather a lot and purposefully introducing a device with contention over use seems foolish. I can envision the night where Meaghan wants to watch a movie whereas I wish to “just get 5 more minutes, just 5 more minutes” on the game I’m currently addicted to. That won’t end well. Meaghan will win and I’ll just end up sitting in a corner sweating through the withdrawal symptoms from whatever game I’ve been summarily dragged away from.

PlayStation3 Sharp Aquos

For now I’ve decided to hang on to my money and keep looking around for something else. Meaghan and I have talked about upgrading to the world of high-definition television sometime in the not too distant future. That’s certainly an option, however it begs the question of whether to wait until we can get a BluRay player at the same time or if we should just watch DVDs and the HD ComCast broadcasts for now. Let’s see what the tax season brings and go from there!

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